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Jul 12

MITCDOIQ Symposium

July 12 - July 14
Aug 22

JupyterCon 2017 — New York, NY

August 22 - August 25

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“9 Experts Answer Your Top Data Science & Machine Learning Qs” — IBM Blog

In preparation for IBM‘s Fast Track Your Data event in Munich, Germany, Aylee Nielsen, Head of Influencer Engagement and Social Strategy at IBM Analytics, interviews several of the industry influencers who were featured at the event. Caserta Founder & President, Joe Caserta, along with a handful of fellow leaders in data, spoke with Aylee on...
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“Architecting the Modern Enterprise w Technology, Processes, & People” — DBTA.com

After Joe Caserta’s closing keynote presentation at Data Summit 2017, DBTA.com‘s Managing Editor, Joyce Wells, penned a brilliant summary and response to the material Caserta presented, fittingly titled: “Architecting the Modern Enterprise with Technology, Processes, and People.” “The problem is that every time there is a major shift, there are people who can make the...
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“Diving into Modern Enterprise Data Architecture at Data Summit 2017” — DBTA.com

In this concise overview for DBTA.com, the site’s Managing Editor, Joyce Wells, outlines what Joe Caserta, Founder & President, Caserta will speak on at Data Summit 2017.  Joe, along with Senior Architect, Bill Walrond, will present a three-hour Introduction to Data Science; and Joe will deliver the closing keynote: “Architecting Data for the Modern Enterprise.”   ...
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