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We host biennial training sessions on the latest principles and practices in dimensional modeling and ETL. These classes are led by some of the foremost experts in data warehousing and data intelligence.

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Mon 25

Strata Data Conference, 2017

September 25 - September 28

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Data experts get candid in sizzling GDPR debate

“Personal right or socialist agenda? Data experts get candid in sizzling GDPR debate” – SiliconANGLE

At #IBMML in Munich, Caserta Founding President, Joe Caserta, joined renowned data experts, Dez Blanchfield, Ronald Van Loon, Chris Penn, & Lillian Pierson on a panel hosted by Dave Vellante & James Kobielus of SiliconANGLE. The panel was streamed live to the audience at Fast Track Your Data via TheCUBE. In this post, “Personal right or socialist agenda? Data...
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“9 Experts Answer Your Top Data Science & Machine Learning Qs” — IBM Blog

In preparation for IBM‘s Fast Track Your Data event in Munich, Germany, Aylee Nielsen, Head of Influencer Engagement and Social Strategy at IBM Analytics, interviews several of the industry influencers who were featured at the event. Caserta Founder & President, Joe Caserta, along with a handful of fellow leaders in data, spoke with Aylee on...
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“Architecting the Modern Enterprise w Technology, Processes, & People” — DBTA.com

After Joe Caserta’s closing keynote presentation at Data Summit 2017, DBTA.com‘s Managing Editor, Joyce Wells, penned a brilliant summary and response to the material Caserta presented, fittingly titled: “Architecting the Modern Enterprise with Technology, Processes, and People.” “The problem is that every time there is a major shift, there are people who can make the...
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As thought leader in the field of data intelligence, members of our team frequently speak at top industry conferences. We also host our own events – educational and networking. What’s more, we don’t just follow the news; we create the news. Our experts are available to give their unique takes on what’s new in data today, and what will be new in data tomorrow. If you’d like to book a member of our team to speak, partner with us on an event, or schedule an interview, please contact us.

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