Agile Data Warehousing, ETL, and Big Data Workshops
Taught by Joe Caserta
October 18th – 20th, 2017
New York, NY


Join us for a three-day intensive course on all the latest developments and best practices in Agile Data Warehousing, ETL, and Big Data, Taught by Joe Caserta, author of best selling book The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit.

What You Can Expect To Take Home With You:

  • Hands on strategic and tactical concepts from Joe Caserta’s 30 years in the industry
  • Key funamentals to strengthen the foundation of your data practice
  • Real-world techniques and time-proven methods to plan, design, and build a modern data analytics platform
  • Lessons learned from a lifetime of professional experience fit into 3 intensive 1-day workshops
  • A copy of The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit written by Joe Caserta & Ralph Kimball, along with a copy of Agile Data Warehouse Design: Collaborative Dimensional Modeling from Whiteboard to Star Schema by Lawrence Corr and Jim Stagnitto

Attendees may purchase one-day passes for the lesson(s) of their choice, or a full-access pass to attend the workshop in its entirety. The class will be held in midtown Manhattan with lunch provided by our sponsors Snowflake, Matillion, and Looker.




Day 1: Agile Data Warehouse Design & Dimensional Modeling

  • BEAM (Business Event Analysis & Modeling)
    • A systematic approach to BI & star schema design
    • Agile approach: Data Stories, themes, and collaborative modeling
    • Modeling BI data requirements by example
  • Modelstorming (collaborative data modeling + brainstorming)
    • Storyboarding the data warehouse design
    • The Business Model Canvas
    • Rapidly translate BI requirements into efficient, flexible data warehouse designs
  • Database schemas (working design patterns for DW/BI)
    • Defining and developing conformed dimensions and facts
    • Designing flexible, high performance star schemas
    • Current and historical reporting perspectives

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Day 2: ETL Architecture & Design

  • Planning, Managing and Designing ETL
    • Techniques for analyzing source systems/data profiling
    • Gathering requirements/creating the logical data mapping
    • Standardizing data coming from multiple sources
    • Designing the Architecture for effective ETL processing
    • Managing development and the day-to- day ETL program
  • Implementation and Operations
    • Loading the three fundamental fact table grains – transaction, periodic snapshot and accumulating snapshot
    • Building ETL modules for handling the three distinct types of slowly changing dimensions (SCDs)
    • Loading Hierarchies, Bridge Tables and Junk Dimensions
    • Handling late arriving dimensions and facts

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Day 3: Big Data For Data Warehouse Practitioners

  • Introduction to the Corporate Data Pyramid (CDP)
  • Building a Data Lake and Big Data Ecosystem
  • Modern Engineering ETL Techniques
  • New and Emerging Big Data Tools
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse and ETL on the Cloud (AWS, Google, Azure)
  • DevOps Methods, Tools, Techniques

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