Centralized vs. Decentralized Apps, Part 1: The Difference — Medium

“Blockchain is the new Big Data. A broad, overarching tech term that is repeated insufferably. As an engineer, you are probably getting pressure to integrate it somehow, and in an inconsiderately short timeline so the C-suite can talk about it at the next conference.” So begins this piece by our newest data architect, Maxwell Goldbas. “Centralized vs Decentralized Apps, Part 1: The Difference,” goes on to discuss Maxwell’s experience building a natural gas exchange on Ethereum.

Written for Medium, the post gives a concise overview of the differences between centralized and decentralized apps, particularly as they pertain to Blockchain.

Read the full piece here.

About Maxwell

NYC. Data Engineer at Caserta Concepts. Blockchain and AWS. B.A. Industrial Engineering. Virginia Tech. News Junkie. Thorium and Renewable Energy Advocate. Follow him at @GoldbasNews


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