Integrating the CDO Role Into Your Organization; Managing the Disruption – MIT CDOIQ, 2017 (Slides)

At the 11th annual MIT CDOIQ Symposium this year, Caserta Founding President, Joe Caserta, gave a presentation titled, “Integrating the CDO Role Into Your Organization; Managing the Disruption.”

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) has become integral to the evolution needed to turn a wisdom-driven company into an analytics-driven company. With Data Governance at the core of your responsibility, moving the innovation meter is a global challenge among CDOs. Specifically the CDO must:


  • Provide a single point of accountability for data initiatives and issues
  • Innovate ways to use existing data and evangelize a data vision for the organization
  • Support & enforce data governance policies via outreach, training & tools
  • Work with IT to develop/maintain an enterprise data repository
  • Set standards for analytical reporting and generate data insights through data science


In this session, Caserta addresses real-word CDO challenges, shares techniques to overcome them, manage corporate disruption and achieve success.


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