Today’s Concepts: News, Upcoming Events & More (July)

Today's ConceptsAccess the July issue of Today’s Concepts here, covering big data and data warehouse news. In this issue, we covered:

  • GLOBAL DIFFERENCES OF THE CDO ROLE – “Data is becoming so critical within an’s become a way of doing business.”
  • RECORDED WEBINAR: STEP INTO THE FUTURE: DATA WAREHOUSING INTO THE CLOUD – “Flip the paradigm and think of the warehouse not as a single technology, but as a collection of technologies…”
  • WHAT’S AHEAD FOR THE INTERNET OF THINGS? – Industry experts discuss data privacy, standards for interoperability, customer retention, governance and meaningful uses cases.
  • DATA LAKE MEETS DATA WAREHOUSE IN A HYBRID ARCHITECTURE – Innovative enterprises embrace the data lake to extend existing data ecosystems.
  • DATA LAKE GOVERNANCE CRUCIAL TO BIG DATA MANAGEMENT – Companies are turning to data lakes as a more economical and flexible way to leverage complex data.
  • The Caserta Calendar & Industry Events
  • And more!

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